Clinically trusted hydrogen-rich water

Over 900 medical journals talk

In 2016, a global interest in the wellness properties of hydrogen water began. To date, over 900 medical journals have written on the positive effects of hydrogen water. This support includes the Journal of Natural Medicine which called hydrogen water one of the most powerful potential antioxidants ever examined (2007).                                                                                                      Source

Benefits of hydrogen mist for skin:

  • 1)Antioxidant- reducing signs of aging
  • 2)Zero toxicity –good for sensitive skin
  • 3)Reducing uneven skin tone
  • 4)Anti-inflammatory properties
  • 5)Instant moisturizing effect

A focus on skin health

Hydrogen water created in Puray ®pure spray is potent but gentle to the skin antioxidant that will not disturb the delicate PH balance of your skin. Hydrogen water will benefit sensitive, dry or oily skin types equally.