UV smartphone sterilizer


Model No.: HD-E33

Color:Black, Purple

Material: Oxford cloth

Size: 10*18.5*2.5cm

Sterilization Time: 90 seconds

Input : 5V

UV-lamp: 265-280nm

Function: sterilization, storage

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How about UV smartphone sterilizer works?

  • UV-C TECHNOLOGY Kills bacteria and viruses at the DNA level.
  • SANITIZE YOUR PHONE ensure proper positioning to maximize effectiveness.
  • SANITIZES IN JUST 90 seconds!

High-efficiency UV sterilization with 90 seconds

The disinfection pack has a built-in UV lamp, which gives off non-harmful UV light. The UV-C wavelength of 265-280nm can quickly destroy microbial DNA without damaging your phone.

UV light suitable for 360°  sterilization

The 2.5cm distance of double-sided focus ensures the maximum UV light exposure, enables full covering.

The fully sealed design avoids the exposure of the UV light causing harm to skin and eyes.

With narrow-mouth design is sealed without directly contacting light source, protecting eyes and skin from injury.

How it is useful to keep us safe!

how to use the bag for phone sterilization


It can be charged  by laptop, power bank or charger.

how to charge


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