What is Hydrogen Water?

Simply put, Hydrogen Water is water boosted with extra hydrogen ions.

Why can Hydrogen Water help you have healthier skin?

The benefits of Hydrogen Water go beyond beauty, as hydrogen is an antioxidant and a proven anti-inflammatory. Hydrogen Water can reduce the effects caused by excessive sun damage and everyday exposure to atmospheric pollution.

Scientific research suggests that hydrogen can act as a powerful antioxidant, which helps neutralize free radicals, thereby preventing damage to the molecular structure of skin and reducing oxidative stress. This translates into a healthier more hydrated skin, with fewer imperfections.

What are Free Radicals and what do they have to do with my skin?

Try imagining OH (a hydroxyl Free Radical) as a newborn baby. When he is born, he only has one oxygen atom and one hydrogen atom so he can’t walk stably…unless he gets another hydrogen atom and become H20. The baby wants the hydrogen so desperately that as soon as he sees a skin cell, he grabs the hydrogen atom from it. This is called oxidation, and it can lead to skin damage at a molecular and cellular level by oxidants like OH.

Now, applying this concept to your skin’s health, if multiple Free Radicals steal hydrogen atoms from stable cells, the result can be inflammation, acne, and faster, premature aging. Adding extra hydrogen to you skin prevents Free Radicals and helps create a healthier, more beautiful skin.

How are Free Radicals produced?

Both external and internal factors can produce free radicals in your skin. From sun-expose, air pollution, and smart device radiation, to excessive alcohol and consumption of high-fat foods.

How can Hydrogen Water help neutralize Free Radicals?

One of the most damaging oxidants is the hydroxyl Free Radical (OH), luckily for us, hydrogen (H) is one of the most common non-toxic elements in nature…and a super effective antioxidant! When you give your skin the extra hydrogen found in Hydrogen Water you are providing it with a powerful antioxidant that will counteract the OH Free Radical, and convert it into a harmless, healthy molecule: H2O.

Spraying Hydrogen Water on your skin repairs damaged cells, reduces inflammation, and makes skin healthier. Hydrogen Water, the cornerstone of all PURAYTM products, helps your skin by donating hydrogen atoms to OH Free Radicals, resulting in a healthier better-looking skin.

How is Hydrogen Water created in our beautiful Pure Spray?

  1. Add regular mineral water to the Pure Spray container.
  2. Simply slide down the cover, and press the ON button.
  3. The electrolytic bars will break up H20 molecules to produce up to 1500 ppm of hydrogen

You can see the bubbles around the electrolytic bars, showing that the hydrogen is being released.

400-500 ppm – Visible benefits after using Hydrogen Water

1600 ppm – Ideal hydrogen saturation

What are the benefits of using Pure Spray?

Besides the visible improvements to your skin’s appearance and a having healthier and more hydrated skin, Pure Spray also:

  1. Helps reduce skin inflammation, which causes acne, redness, and scaring.
  2. Delays and fights the signs of aging
  3. Creates a smooth and even skin condition
  4. Helps to relieve and stabilize seasonal allergy symptoms
  5. Monitors your moisture levels and helps you find your perfect skincare products
  6. Uses only the most natural ingredient: Water.
  7. Last, but not least, it only requires water!


What is Smart Moisture Detector?

Pure Spray’s Smart Moisture Detector is the first skin moisture detector in the beauty industry.

By pressing the sensor on the skin, the Pure Spray App will show the moisture index of your skin and offer customized recommendations.

What are the benefits?

  1. The tracking system allows you to periodically monitor your skin’s moisture condition.
  2. Finds the best moisturizing product for you and evaluates if your daily routine is truly working for you.

How do I use the Smart Moisture Detector?

It is plain and simple! First, open the Pure Spray App on your phone and connect via Bluetooth to the Smart Moisture Detector. Then, choose the area you want to test (hand, face, under the eyes or neck). Finally, press the sensor to your skin. The app will instantly show your moisture levels and make appropriate recommendations.

Use the smaller end of the detector for more delicate and harder to reach areas, and the larger end for broader surfaces.


How often should I use Pure Spray?

We recommend using Pure Spray twice a day, once in the morning for a fresh start, and once in the evening after cleaning your face, but before applying any skincare product. Pure Spray will help neutralize your skin and help it absorb your skincare products for optimal results. Although we recommend twice a day, you can use Pure Spray anytime, anywhere.

Do I need to clean a Pure Spray?

No. You do not need to clean your Pure Spray. If the spray nozzle becomes clogged try softly shaking it, this will remove any bubbles blocking the nozzle. In case you have incurred in wrong uses, you can carefully wipe the nozzle with a clean cloth to absorb the water.

After using the Smart Moisture Detector, we recommend using a soft cloth to wipe the detector.


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